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Federal Government Urged to Remove Spent Nuclear Fuel

Maine Atomic Power Company is an interim facility for the safe, secure storage of the former nuclear power plant's spent nuclear fuel and Greater than Class C Waste located in Wiscasset, Maine on the approximately 180-acre Bailey Point Peninsula.

Spent nuclear fuel is the fuel that was used in Maine Yankee’s reactor during plant operations from 1972-1996. Greater than Class C Waste is irradiated steel that was removed from Maine Yankee’s reactor vessel. As required by federal statute and contract, removal of this material is the responsibility of the United States Department of Energy and was to have begun by the end of January 1998.

Maine Yankee’s spent nuclear fuel and Greater than Class C Waste is stored at the approximately 11-acre Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) in accordance with its U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission license and all applicable regulations. The ISFSI is what remains at the site following the successful decommissioning of the Maine Yankee nuclear power plant in October 2005. Click on the left hand photo above for an enlarged view of the fields and woods that make up most of the site; click on the middle photo for an enlarged view of the ISFSI; and click on the Maine Yankee Brochure found in the upper right for an overview of Maine Yankee's history, decommissioning, and the storage of spent nuclear fuel.  To view the NRC’s Inspection Reports for the Maine Yankee ISFSI please click document room. For more on the storage of spent nuclear fuel at Maine Yankee or decommissioning, please visit those pages by clicking the buttons at the top of the page.

Maine Yankee is actively involved with the State of Maine, members of Congress, our Community Advisory Panel, and others in New England and nationally urging the federal government to fulfill its obligation to remove the spent nuclear fuel. Maine Yankee is also seeking monetary damages from the federal government over its failure to remove the spent nuclear fuel.

The longer the federal government delays in fulfilling its obligations, the greater the potential monetary damages will be. For more information on Maine Yankee’s litigation with the federal government click on the spent fuel storage/removal button at the top of the page.

The purpose of Maine Yankee's Community Advisory Panel is to enhance open communication, public involvement and education on the interim storage of spent nuclear fuel at Maine Yankee and to advocate for its prompt removal.

The CAP's 2020 annual meeting will be scheduled in the fall with the meeting date, time and location to be posted here. The CAP will receive updates from Maine Yankee and the State of Maine on activities at the Maine Yankee site and developments on the national spent nuclear fuel removal/disposal issue. There will also be a public comment period. Please go to the Document Room for additional information about the CAP. Information is also on file at the Maine State Library in Augusta.

For more information about Maine Yankee, contact ISFSI Manager J. Stanley Brown at: 207-882-6321 or e-mail at  For media inquiries please contact Public & Government Affairs Director Eric Howes at or 207-577-1089.

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